Fundraise with eYrthBeat

eYrthBeat Coffee Company is offering the opportunity for you to enjoy what we consider to be the world’s best coffee while raising funds for your club or organization.

1. Getting startedthe first step is the most important!
Review & complete this Google Form at your earliest convenience—> 

In this form you will provide us with the information we need to get your unique coffee product customized to your liking. We will ask for things such as your organization’s name, the purpose of the organization, a few photos/logos, and a start and end date for your fundraiser. Once you complete and submit the form, we will take over from there!

2. The processHow does this all work?

Like we mentioned before, the coffee bag packaging will feature your organization's logos and trademarks, along with eYrthBeat - so our first step will be generating those mock-ups. These features make it your own unique coffee brand that can be consumed or saved as a collectors item. 
A photo of your members will be prominently placed on the packaging along with a quick blurb about your group/organization in the back (all of this will be created using the information you provide in the google form - so be sure to keep this in mind when completing that first step). 

3. Marketing materialswe will provide everything you need to succeed!
You might be wondering "how am I supposed to market this?" We have you covered!
Once we have your mock-ups generated, we will send them to you for final approval. After that, we will provide you with your marketing materials packet. This is a digital packet of information that will come in the form of a PDF and it will be yours to print and distribute for your fundraiser. 
All of this will be sent to you in an email prior to your start date, so you will be ready to kick off your fundraising experience with ease. Please review your packet and let us know if there are any errors, or if we need to add any additional information prior to distributing it to the public. We want to make sure that your fundraising experience is as easy as possible. 
Please refer to the example attached below to see an example of our fundraiser packet.
Please take note of this change in our product: This mock-up was from a fundraiser we did when we were offering more options as far as roasts and texture. We have since modified our  choices to only include Medium roast with the choice of two textures: Medium grind or Whole Bean. These are by far our best sellers and you cannot go wrong with them! 
If you decide you love the coffee so much that you'd like to try one or more of our other roast options, you can definitely do that by ordering from our website online. 
If you would like to order the roast of your choice, but with your custom packaging for your organization, that can be done, too. 
Please let us know if you are interested in doing this once we complete the fundraiser experience and we can work with you to provide custom options after the fact. 

4. Productswhat *exactly* will you be selling?
Your eYrthBeat Coffee varieties will include a medium roast, available in two textures: whole bean or medium ground. Each bag contains 12 ounces of fresh, locally roasted coffee with beans derived from all across the world.
5. Sales: Show me the money!
Your retail price point will be $16 per 12-ounce bag. Of that, your organization keeps $7 for each sale.
We make this super easy on the portal when you go to place your order - so the math will be done for you basically. All you'll have to do is go on there and select how many bags you need in which texture and then the website will automatically calculate the cost you owe. More info on this below!

6. Placing your order: tally it all up! 
Once you arrive at the end of your fundraiser deadline, you will need to collect the forms from all participants, along with their money from your customers. From here, do the math and determine what your grand total is. You will also need to get a grand total of how many orders you will need to place for each roast/texture. 

Example: 25 medium/medium ground; 50 medium/whole bean, etc. 

7. The Portal: the eYrthBeat custom online ordering experience
 When you have your order ready to submit, contact us at and let us know you are ready to order. We will send you the coffee fundraiser portal link. 
You will visit our website and submit your order there. It is very simple - all you do is use our drop down box to input your quantities for each option, then you choose a method of payment. From there, you will be presented with a few options. 

8. PaymentWe are getting so close!
You will have the option to pay online through our website, which comes with a variety of payment options included. In addition to that, you can choose to pay by check. If you choose to pay by check, you will need to make it payable to the name listed below and send it to the accompanied address. 

Checks can be made out to:
eYrthBeat Coffee Company
P.O. BOX 112 
Petal, MS 39465

If you are paying by check, please inform us ahead of time so that we can provide you with a coupon code to enter at checkout. This will ensure that the order is placed, but without the charge.
If you are paying by check, we will begin the fulfillment process once the payment has been received and is processed. If you are paying through the website portal, we will begin processing and fulfilling your order immediately once we receive the order/payment.

9. Processingwe do the work - so you can enjoy the perks!
We will roast the beans, grind them and package them from our local distribution center in downtown Hattiesburg. Your turnaround time will be roughly two weeks from the date on which we receive your payment and order. 

10. Shipping & Deliveryshipping costs vary; delivery is an option!
Shipping rates vary based on the total weight of your order and your location. We will contact you with your estimated shipping cost once we receive your order online. 

We use the best methods available to us to ensure your coffee is carefully shipped and arrives to you as quickly as possible, while saving you on as much cost as possible using our bulk shipping rates.
You can choose to pay for shipping using the same methods we offer for your other payment: by using our website portal or paying by check.
If you are in the Pine Belt area (Petal, Purvis, Lumberton, Sumrall, Oak Grove, Hattiesburg, Dixie) you can choose to either pick up your coffee yourself from one of our drop off/pickup locations in Hattiesburg, or you can opt to have it delivered to you directly by one of our staff.  

Success rate: you made it to the finish line!
So far, we have worked with organizations locally as well as abroad, and the success rate we have seen is nothing short from remarkable. Organizations that have participated in this fundraiser have raised thousands of dollars in only a few weeks and several are already coming back for round two! Yep - that's right! You can fundraise with us as often as you wish. We are here when you need a fun way to raise the FUNDS you need!